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Eli Veronica Wian

Artist + Pedagogue

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The art shows a snapshot of a story, of a woman's wonderment, an adventure, a glimpse of everyday life.

Wian, works under the artist name EWian. Born and raised in Nordland, moved to Bergen, Norway in 2014. Has a background as an educator/ pedagogue with a focus on arts/crafts and science.

EWian mainly works with watercolour and mixed media techniques on paper and in sketchbooks. She plays with colours and pigments, seeking to find new ways of using materials, which characterise the art.

Recurring motifs are: Introspective women, a hidden story, the coastal landscape, the characters of the fairy tales, interspersed with an imaginative train of thought and the little things of everyday life.

If you take the time to stop and look, you will find a story.