Faces from paint blobs

Faces from paint blobs

Made some faces from some paint blobs I found in a journal that I have not been using for a while. May be the one girl…

Joining the iHanna postcard 2016 swap - sketch

Diving lady - sketch I am joining the iHanna postcard 2016 swap...

68/365:2013 ATC onyx choker

68-365 ATC 2013 onyx choker
68/365:2013 ATC onyx choker

Want to trade/swap an ATC? Read…

Cards in the mail - balloon and boxes, iHanna swap 2012

Balloon and boxes
The cards are in the mail! I made 13 cards, a bakers dozen. Ten to swap, one to keep, one to give away, one to sell. If you want to buy it you can find it at my

Joining the iHanna postcard swap

I am joining the iHanna postcard swap http://www.ihanna.nu/blog/2012/02/diy-postcard-swap-2012