68/365:2013 ATC onyx choker

68-365 ATC 2013 onyx choker
68/365:2013 ATC onyx choker

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67/365:2013 ATC Happy Women's Day

67-365 ATC 2013 Happy Women's Day
The idea behind the International Women's Day was to make a strategy to promote equal rights, including…

66/365:2013 ATC promise of spring

66-365 ATC 2013 promise of spring

The sun heats so lovely, it's still cold in the shadows, but the sun promise that spring is on…

65/365:2013 ATC migratory bird

65-365 ATC 2013

The first migratory birds are here. It is the Great Cormorant and the Northern Lapwing.

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64/365:2013 ATC traa

64-365 ATC 2013

The Norwegian word for thread is "trå". Made a little spool from some left over thread, about 1 meter of each colour.


63/365:2013 ATC Miss Beatnik

63-365 ATC 2013 Miss Beatnik
Just a little beatnik girl, trying on her more colourful jumper, in contrast to her sold black turtle-neck.

62/365:2013 ATC button card

62-365 ATC 2013 button card

Was inspired by the old button cards, so I made ​​a tag and sewed on buttons.

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61/365:2013 ATC Collage R

61-365 ATC 2013 Collage R
Collaging book paper, yellow and green scraps.

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60/365:2013 ATC brown haired freckled girl

60-365 ATC 2013 brown haired freckled girl

I like the quote from India Arie "When I look into the mirror and the only one…

59/365:2013 ATC conversation b

59-365 ATC 2013 conversation b

Conversations follow rules of etiquette because conversations are social interactions, and therefore…