87/365:2013 ATC Ingrid

87-365 ATC 2013 Ingrid

The first time I saw marbled yarn. Was when my childhood friend Ingrid's mother had knitted her a pink sweater.…

86/365:2013 ATC cotton candy balls

 86-365 ATC 2013 cotton candy balls

When she closed her eyes saw cotton candy balls floating in the air.

Want to…

85/365:2013 ATC Roseine

85-365 ATC 2013 Roseine

Roseine is a shade of magenta and this girls name.

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84/365:2013 ATC girl with two pearl earrings

84-365 ATC 2013 girl with two pearl earrings  

83/365:2013 ATC cast to the wind

83-365 ATC 2013 cast to the wind

This paper plane is cast to the wind. Made with the…

82/365:2013 ATC Frenchy

82-365 ATC 2013 Frenchy

Frenchy is one of the main characters in Grease. She is one of the members…

81/365:2013 ATC blotting paper for sorrows

81-365 ATC 2013 blotting paper for sorrows

"Night is the blotting paper for many sorrows" ~Lithuanian proverb

80/365:2013 ATC spring dress

80-365 ATC 2013 spring dress

21. of March mark the calendar from…

79/365:2013 ATC clear philosophical formation

79-365 ATC 2013 clear philosophical formation

78/365:2013 ATC no flying

78-365 ATC 2013 no flying

There's no flying without wings.

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