Jellyfish in the sea

A #jellyfish…</img></a></p></p>
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Playing with brown watercolour girl

playing with brown watercolour girl

Day 2 for the world watercolor month challange. These supplies, paint and paper I swapped with…

Faces from paint blobs

Faces from paint blobs

Made some faces from some paint blobs I found in a journal that I have not been using for a while. May be the one girl…

Autumnal moth caterpillar is eating all the lovely blueberries

The autumnalmoth caterpillar, geometridae, is eating all the lovely blueberries


Scrapyard robot mug

Scrapyard robot mug

Complete the custom rusty scrapyard robot mug for Tobias.

The art is mostly watercolour with a dash of wink of stella…

Gratulerer med dagen Norge

Gratulerer med dagen Norge

Gratulerer med dagen Norge! sol i Bergen! - happy constitutionday Norway! Sunny in Bergen!

Art studio worktable 16 may 2017

 Glimpse of my #artstudio #worktable #artjournal entry with #watercolour  #watercolour #girls #girl

ridinghood postcard

A peak of the #postcard for the #diypostcardswap #fairytail #redridinghood #wolf


Sneek peak into my new studio april 2017

peek into my studio 

I am getting ready for the iHanna postcard swap. Hurry up and sign up you too :-) this…

IF - sound

IF - sound 

This weeks entry for Illustration Friday is sound


What are the mose wounderful sound? ...